Sunday River is one of the early season players in the Northeast. Photo Credit: Sunday River

Snowmaking & Opening Outlook Update #1

We've been pretty paitent with the warm weather patterns which have brought notably above normal temperatures to the Northeast in October, but things are about to change. We are +90% certain that snowmaking will start up early next week, and with as little as 24 hours on the guns in decent temps we'll also be skiing and riding at Killington. We're going to ignore the incoming storm and break down the temperatures starting on Monday and making predictions about not just snowmaking, but early openings at probably 3 ski areas in the Northeast. We will also take a more technical look at what will go into opening these ski areas as they have unique challenges.

Premium Weather Coverage Now Requires a Premium Subscription From Now On

Some have wondered what they get for subscribing to Snowology because we have not locked down our premium content until now. We are using a "freemium" model and will continue to provide the majority of our content for free and without a subscription, but our storm forecasting, and in this case snowmaking forecasting, are what we consider actionable and therefore premium content that will only be available to paying subscribers.

There's a lot more to our Premium Subscription than just storm forecasting, but the #1 reason to spend $29.99/year with us is so that you can see our snowfall forecasting, precipitation type forecasting, wind hold forecasting, and other insights. If you valued our coverage in any of the previous 5 seasons then there should be no question as to the value now because it is better and we aren't even close to finished increasing the value of Snowology for our subscribers. If you plan on signing up please do so now as we will surely get crushed with the first big storm.

Seriously folks, it's $2.50/month. You can't even buy a bottle of water at a big ski resort for that price.

Predictions for Opening Dates

We're going to start with the final word since that's what most people want to know and you can read more deeply if you wish. We know Killington will light up and open as soon as they have the temps, and Sunday River will too, though they have to open top to bottom at Jordan this season due to work on the Barker6. We have a wildcard though with murmurs from Waterville Valley again about becoming an early season player with their High Country T-bar which will be accessed after uploading from the base.