Killington's opening is just days away! Photo Credit: Killington

Snowmaking & Opening Outlook Update #2

The Northeast is finally going to get some cold air on Tuesday behind this storm that is currently dropping some snow on the northern peaks. The forecast has been pretty steady since our first update and if anything has only gotten better and that means it's time to start forecasting not just the start of snowmaking, but also the start of the regular season in the East! We are 100% certain there will be skiing and riding in the Northeast by next weekend and we are going to forecast when!

Premium Weather Coverage Requires a Premium Subscription

Just a quick reminder for those who are not yet aware. Snowology is now offering premium weather coverage only to Premium Subscribers and that includes Storm Updates and other actionable forecasting coverage beyond the next day. Free subscribers have the benefit of being alerted by email to all free content we produce including our Daily Weather Update which covers the next day's weather and a rough outlook, and all other non-weather articles. We will stop sending Storm Updates to Free Subscribers when our Daily Weather Updates start in mid-November however the forecasting below will remain only be accessible by a Premium Subscription.

How much does a premium subscription cost you ask? The equivalent of just $2.50/month and it comes with other perks that can save you far more than that. We t̶h̶i̶n̶k̶ know that's a bargain.

The detailed update is immediately below for Premium Subscribers.