Radar at 3 p.m. showing the approaching mix, but some will stay mostly snow. 📷WUnderground

Storm Update #3: 11/21-22

There's a little bit of whiplash going on in the last 24 hours with a progressive shift warm yesterday which promoted an evening email update after 3 runs of disappointment, but for the last 3 runs today there has been a shift back colder! We're pretty much back to where we left off with Update #2, and that's not necessarily a bad thing because that means more snow and less rain.

Generally these updates get shorter as we get closer to the storm because there is less guessing. Track and intensity are typically dialed in and only the amount of snow, ice, and rain along with the effects of wind are what we are concerned about now. This storm however is of wider interest for travel, so let's show the 12z NAM3k for everyone that I timestamped in order to make it easy to follow (it's actually a pain to do this, but very useful).

There are going to be travel concerns with frozen precipitation primarily this evening, and Wednesday morning the snow will have creeped up to just the moose country of far Northern New Hampshire and the Longfellows of Maine. Tonight though there will probably be snow on the roads around the ADK's, Vermont, New Hampshire, and the Berkshires. Wednesday morning wind and rain will be the primary issue with travel. Probably will be slow going both days, and that's not bad to do.

Below the fold I'll review the precipitation types, snowfall, wind holds. Later today I will also make some calls for where to go this holiday weekend with a focus on terrain and crowds. I'll try to do a thorough job on who is open, but terrain availability will generally be low and announcements are still coming after a pretty good night of snowmaking all around.

I'm afraid this is where the free stuff ends for those who aren't Premium Subscribers but I would love to bring you along. This is actionable weather, our bread and butter, and it takes enormous amounts of time, effort, skill, and commitment to bring this to you along with all of the free stuff. You can however sign up without risk for 10 days if you want to keep reading below where it cuts off.

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