Snowology's Premium Subscribers can get 20% off their entire purchase at Glade Optics!

Glade Optics Joins the Snowology Club

We're excited to announce Glade Optics as our first gear retailer/manufacturer in the Snowology Club and they are offering our Premium Subscribers a 20% discount on everything in their store! You may already know Glade as a goggle manufacturer who sells direct to the consumer and offers very competitive pricing and high quality goggles, Glade however also makes helmets, sunglasses, and accessories all at a great price point. If you are already a Premium Subscriber to Snowology, you can get your discount code here:

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We reached out to Glade Optics in November after members of the Snowology Community on Facebook were discussing their goggles, and many raved about them. So we wanted to see if Glade wanted to be a part of our club, and they did! We passed up the opportunity to be an affiliate and profit from sales, choosing instead to offer our Premium Subscribers an even better discount. Now Glade isn't in the practice of pricing high and selling low with frequent discounting, their adult goggles for instance run between $99 and $199 and their helmets range from $129 to $199. The discount they are providing to our Premium Subscribers is likely the best deal you will find.

Glade Optics isn't just some startup looking to cut into the goggle industry as a cheap alternative, they've received many accolades as the "Best Of" and "Editor's Choice" from the likes of Blister Gear Review, Freeskier, Outside, and Powder to name a few, and they have a collection of them on their site.

PRESS FREESKIERMAGAZINE ADAPT 2 SNAGS TOP SPOT IN 2024 EDITOR’S CHOICE GEAR GUIDE “With the Adapt 2, you always have the correct lens for any condition. It works well with most popular helmets on the market. Prepare to leave them on and leave them be.” READ MORE OUTSIDE MAGAZINE / SKI MAGAZINE ADAPT 2 WINS BEST SINGLE-

Their Adapt 2 never-change-lenses-again one goggle quiver with their REVEAL photochromic lens tech is their most popular goggle, and for good reason. Swapping out lenses can be a pain and it also adds to the cost; and that is in fact unnecessary now. Their goggles also offer a no-fog guarantee with great ventilation, and at a price point of just $149 for the Adapt 2, though Snowology Club members can get them for just $119 with their 20% off coupon!

Now if you are wondering about where Glade Optics comes from, they were born in the Northeast and it was the brainchild of Curt Nichols who you can see in some of their ads and was who we worked with to offer this discount to our subscribers. They are now headquartered in Breckenridge, CO and growing by leaps and bounds.