GOES-16 infrared satellite imagery from this morning.

Storm Update #2: Tue-Wed 1/9-10

We have a storm already underway in the Alleghenies of course, and we have a second storm that will traverse the Northeast on Saturday that looks like a carbon copy of the first storm... another cutter. I'll cover that starting on Wednesday, but right now there's a lot going on in the next two days that I'm going to detail. Here's the latest ECMWF covering Tuesday through Sunday showing both storms from the broader view. Note, this coming weekend will be tricky with the next storm!

Both storms will bring a snow to rain transition for almost everyone south of the St. Lawrence, but within about 100-150 miles of the coast both storms will be all rain unfortunately. Both storms will generally dump 1"-3" of precipitation as both rain and snow. Both storms will have a 10-20 hour warm slot. Both storms will have notable back-end snowfall potential, but also wind. Both storms will likely increase the snowpack in the Alleghenies ADKs, Greens, Whites, and Longfellows. Don't lose site of this, it's going to build bases and we're forecasting over 18" of snow from just the first storm in parts of the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Longfellows of Maine!

While the skiing and riding experience will be like a rollercoaster for the next 6 days, after it is over we'll have more natural terrain open, and with just one more decent snow storm we may have most natural terrain open in the Northeast and it is looking like that might happen next Wednesday. Sure, 4 feet of snow all over the Northeast would be a better result, but this is probably the 2nd best result we could hope for.

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Tue-Wed Snowfall Forecast and Precipitation Types