Snowology's Premium Subscribers can get 50% off a lift ticket to Magic Mountain!

Magic Mountain Joins the Snowology Club

Magic Mountain in Londonderry, VT became the 5th ski area to join the Snowology Club and our growing list of discount partners offering our Premium Subscribers an opportunity find "the road less traveled" for half the price of a regular day ticket! Magic is offering our members a one-time 50% discount off the full window rate any Thursday or Friday through the end of the season.

If you are already a Premium Subscriber to Snowology you can access all of the discounts from our partners in the Snowology Club page of our site. We currently also have 50% discounts also available for Berkshire East, Catamount, Stratton, Titus, and a 20% discount for Glade Optics. We will be announcing at least one more ski area very shortly! Our Premium Subscriptions are just $29.99 for a full year and using just one of these discounts saves you more than the cost of our subscription over 12 months.

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Save 50% Off Lift Tickets and Up to 20% Off Gear! We have worked with ski areas across the Northeast and retailers of gear to create opportunities for our Premium Subscribers to save money on gear and find new and unique experiences from smaller more local mountains that provide affordable

Magic is a special place and it's hard to describe how unique they are to those who aren't familiar. They will proudly proclaim that they don't have the best snowmaking or the fastest lifts, or even that they are the fastest to build lifts. That's not their thing. When the new owners took over in 2016 it was following 25 years of starts and stops that left the ski area stuck in time. Returning Magic to its glory is like resurrecting your dad's first car from when he was a teenager. They're not trying to make a show car out of Magic, they're trying to bring back what was always special about the mountain, and that's the vibe, the feel of it, the terrain, and the people.

The iconic Red Chair whisks you up 1,500' of vertical in 14 minutes, and if you are riding with a stranger you will likely get to know them pretty well. On weekend powder days when the lines grow longer Magic faithful will conduct an impromptu trivia game and sing-alongs with the lift lines while the kids help direct traffic. It's a wholesome experience, and it feels like home even if you have never been there before, but that's just one half of the reason to go.

The mountain itself is one of the most radical around with a fall line reaching 45° with classic trails such as Redline, Black Magic, and Magician; all natural snow trails off the peak that are powder day favorites. There are many glades disbursed across the mountain, and cliff drops too. Ski patrol will drop ropes readily on terrain so thin at times that you might feel compelled to pull their pass if you appreciate your bases more than the snow, but most consider that to be a perk. With uphill capacity of just 3,000 skiers per hour and over 200 acres of terrain, it takes a full day to track out the entire mountain which is another part of the throwback experience. It's remarkable how much better the snow keeps when it isn't continually pounded on by heavy traffic. The trails don't just feel empty, they are empty, and while they are about to debut their Black Line Quad this season that just means shorter lines on the busiest of days because their parking lots are still the same size and they control the capacity. At Magic it's not hurry up and wait, it's slow down and enjoy.

From a weather perspective Magic benefits the most from coastal storms which often bring high winds to Southern Vermont on both the front- and back-ends, but Magic often sits below the wind that blasts their nearby neighbors making it a reliable powder day destination. They're only open 4 days a week from Thursday through Sunday plus holidays, and they do full mountain rentals on most Mondays and some Wednesdays during the peak season. Keep your eyes peeled though for that powder stacking up because if they've got nothing planned they will they will open mid-week so that you can call in to work and have a really sick day.

Magic exemplifies one of the main goals of the Snowology Club, which is to help bring new and unique experiences to our members. It's really not about the discounts, that's just a way to help make the decision to ski off your pass easier. We're so happy to have Magic Mountain join our club this season and we hope you will find some time to pay them a visit.