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Mount Southington Joins the Snowology Club

Mount Southington in Plantsville, CT has become the 6th ski area to join the Snowology Club and our growing list of discount partners offering our Premium Subscribers an opportunity find new and unique experiences for half the price of a regular day ticket! Mount Southington is offering our members a one-time 50% discount off the full window rate which can be used any day through the end of the season.

If you are already a Premium Subscriber to Snowology you can access all of the discounts from our partners in the Snowology Club page of our site. We currently also have 50% discounts also available for Berkshire East, Catamount, Stratton, Titus, Magic Mountain, and a 20% discount for Glade Optics. There are plenty more on their way soon also! Our Premium Subscriptions are just $29.99 for a full year and using just one of these discounts saves you more than the cost of our subscription over 12 months.

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Mount Southington's tagline is "Thrills Made Locally" and that harkens all the way back to how they were founded. In the early 1960's Dr. Harold Richman and his wife Barbara had just returned from a trip to Vermont and he wanted to build a ski area closer to home in Central Connecticut. They eventually found a dairy farm for sale on the outskirts of Plantsville, purchased it, cut trails, installed lifts, lights for night skiing, snowmaking, and converted the barn into their now iconic lodge. They first opened to the public in 1964. The ski area now features 7 different lifts, 14 trails, 51 acres, 425' of vertical, and one of the most powerful snowmaking systems per acre that you will find.

While Snowology gives a lot of attention to the bigger mountains that are typically further away and see snow more often, we know that every single ski area is important to their surrounding community and we wanted to make sure to include some local mountains in our club, and we found one of the best around. Mount Southington is located within 50 miles of over 5 million people giving them a chance to slide on the snow before work, at lunch, or in the evenings with night skiing 7 days a week during the peak season. They host many programs, clinics, and racing leagues, and events. When they close the local schools due to snow, the kids can hit the trails and get plenty of recreation.

If you don't understand the advantages of having a mountain close by, it's either because you never thought to try, or you don't have the opportunity and do not know. Places like Mount Southington introduce more people to skiing and riding than the big resorts of the Northeast and kids absolutely love to go slide down a mountain without all of the hassle of traveling further. If you want to introduce your children to skiing or riding one of the basics it to make it as easy as possible for them. Driving less than an hour in the same climate as you live will probably improve your success, and it will also cost you a whole lot less!

Being just 20 miles from the ocean snowmaking was the key to their success and still is today. The mountain boasts an impressive 3,000 gpm of water pumping capacity with high volume fan guns lining their trails which allows them to resurface the entire mountain in one night to recover from rain and refreezes. They can also go from grass to open on half the mountain in just two days when the cold first settles in. Despite Mount Southington's location their operational firepower, their knowledge, and their dedication allows them to stay open until late March and they are are a perennial leader in the percentage of terrain they have open across all of Southern New England.

We are honored to have Mount Southington as part of our club this season as a top performing ski area providing the greater Connecticut market with a close-to-home opportunity to slide on snow. Having Mount Southington in the Snowology Club provides our members with yet another way to ski off their pass and find new experiences of all varieties from small to big and near to far, and we hope as you are exploring these gems that you will decide to go back again and make it a part of your routine.