Simulated infrared satellite imagery from the NAM3K weather model.

Minor Storm Update #1: Tue-Thu 1/23-25

We have a 3 day battle between warm moist flow from the southwest and cold dry air from the northwest that will eventually result in the warm moist flow winning out. Over the three days we'll see as much as 1" of water fall as snow, freezing rain, and rain with a little sleet mixed in and lighter amounts as you move both north and east. Here's a loop of the NAM12K simulated radar covering 4PM Monday through 4PM on Thursday to start the coverage off.

This 'storm' won't produce any true powder days (we consider +6" to be a powder day), but it will refresh some slopes both Tuesday and especially Wednesday, however there will be freezing rain threats both days along with some rain that you will want to avoid. Thursday is a different story though virtually all of the precipitation will fall prior to open and it will be primarily freezing rain and rain by then and you may want to avoid where the freezing rain falls as there will probably be some lift and terrain icing issues. There are no concerns about wind holds with this system, however it is possible that some lifts or terrain may be held due to ice on each of the tree days. Despite the non-optimal precipitation, each day will offer great skiing and riding at many locations if you choose your spot well. Subscribers should feel free to ask questions in the comments on this post and I will do my best to answer them as I typically do.

I'm going to cover the entire storm as far as precipitation types and totals go, and walk through each of the three days one by one in order to help you navigate either around or into this storm. There will be lots of graphics and just a little bit of text. This doesn't cover the third phase on Friday when there will be rain probably everywhere in the Northeast, but it won't be a washout and you should be able to dodge it in some areas.


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Full Storm Precipitation Types and Totals