ALERT: Wind Hold Forecast: Wed 2/14

This is just a quick update for Wednesday's wind holds. Thursday may have some isolated issues at the start of the ski day, but wind is currently predicted to die down rather quickly so there will be no warnings for Thursday.

A wind hold forecast confirms when either all access or easy access to more than 25% of non-beginner terrain is limited by lifts held for winds, and otherwise on weekends and holidays when main base feature lifts go on hold since that tends to cause excessive lift lines on such days. This condition must last for 2+ hours in order to confirm, so for instance lifts going on hold after 2PM or coming off hold at 10AM-11AM won't confirm. Ski areas can in some cases lose one lift and have that severely limit terrain access while others can lose 2 lifts without even reaching 25% of terrain impacted. Note also that wind holds are not simply a function of wind speed, there's quite a list of various factors from terrain focusing and blocking, to the type of lift, to the angle of the wind that hits a lift, and even the sensitivities of staff and management. Most wind holds occur at mountains reaching over 3,000' except in extreme events.