Storm Update #1: 2/27-2/29

I walked to the store today without a coat on and said hi to a neighbor who was raking her lawn while one of the kids across the street was out in their front yard playing with toys...wearing a t-shirt. I don't live on the coast, rather I live at about the same latitude as Mount Snow, though lower in elevation. Here's my message for everyone, keep your tips up! This happens every single season so just roll with it. Honestly, walk outside, feel the sun, and imagine the snow beneath your feet. I love pow of course, but the energy of the Sun and comfortable air while skiing is almost as refreshing.

Skiers and riders at the start of spring go through a sort of seasonal affective disorder. We love snow of course and we hate to see it melt, but there is literally 3 more months left before Killington closes, and about 7 more weeks left before many of the larger mountains close. You just have to change up your game and get past the pity party stage. Winter camp is not over! If you haven't yet learned to fall in love with spring skiing and riding, you should try. Buy yourself a grill and a cooler, get yourself some snazzy sunglasses, and make it a party! And with that, let's take a look at what's coming between today and Thursday to set up this storm.

Welp, let's just say that isn't the type of storm we want to see right now. Wednesday and Thursday will be all sorts of difficult in many places in multiple ways, but you know what, the weekend might actually be pretty damn good as long as the snow doesn't get sticky though there will probably be some isolated rain in places. I'll break this all down by Precipitation, Wind, and Temperatures. This will likely be the only full update on this storm, though the wind hold forecast for Thursday will be updated on Wednesday.

Precipitation Forecast