Gunstock and many others are having Easter egg hunts and other festivities this weekend. 📷 Gunstock Mountain

Weekend Outlook: Sat-Sun 3/30-31

The pow party is taking a break this weekend but trail counts are still holding strong in northern areas. There is just a little snow that comes in early in the AM on Sunday that will drop up to 2" across parts of NY, VT, and MA, but aside from that we'll be nice and dry. The story this weekend will be one about navigating the temps and the wind with Saturday presenting more difficulties involving both but there will be plenty of soft spring skiing this weekend with bouts of sun and clouds.

Unfortunately Big Moose, Song Mountain, and McCauley were aiming to open this weekend but didn't make it, though Big Moose is eyeing the storm next week to make a comeback. Here's an updated map for who will be open this weekend. This may be the last weekend at about a dozen ski areas, though the incoming snow does present some opportunities for some extending their seasons.

I'll cover each day individually with our Ski Conditions Forecast that focuses on temperatures and surface conditions as well as an update on the Saturday wind hold risks which in some cases are severe.