Travel Outlook and Top Picks

Hopefully you have all seen the forecast already. This is a 4 day storm and it will be exciting, but also challenging to navigate with the snow, sleet, and wind. Eventually there may also be some crowds as well, and location and timing will be important for maximizing your enjoyment in this storm.

Let me first remind everyone of our SNOWOLOGY Club discounts. We still have 4 open discount partners, Royal Mountain (every day through Sunday), Magic Mountain (Thursday and Friday), Bromley (weekdays), and Stratton (Mon-Thu). Berkshire East may well join them for at least the weekend, and maybe even Titus also! Please keep in mind that while some are offering discounts for the late season, our discounts are from the regular "rack rate" and you can't stack our discounts on other discounts. The rack rate isn't always the same as the window rate on a given day. Storms are a great time to have additional affordable options to hunt so at least keep that in your back pocket. They're all getting snow!

Snowology Club‎
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I'm going to go over the Travel Outlook in greater detail here, and then I'm also going to give some Top Picks on where you should consider hunting this in order to find deeper pow, avoid the wind, and avoid the crowds. I'm not going to tell you travel is safe, it never is even in dry weather of course, much less a huge storm, but I will let you know when it is bad and really bad. Diving in this is fully your responsibility and everyone who hunts pow should have great snow tires and in this case a shovel. Sorry, skill and AWD doesn't cut it, but that too is your call of course.

Travel Outlook