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Storm Update #5: Wed-Sat 4/3-6

Today we are trimming, both the snow and the wind risk, but the focus here will be on Thursday's wind holds and I've tried my best to refine that for the pow hunters. Don't worry, we're still likely to see up to 30" in some spots by Sunday. Let's jump straight into the broad view from the ECMWF covering 8PM Wednesday through 8AM Sunday.

I'm going to first cover the Snowfall Forecast and then the Wind Hold Forecast. I've tried to refine the wind hold forecast as best I can for Thursday's pow hunters. Do however keep in mind that even if lifts might run at a ski area, there are going to be hurricane force wind gusts in some areas, especially on the leeward side of the mountains, and this will create issues with power and road conditions tonight through all of Thursday. Have a backup plan if you are hunting this because there will be power outages somewhere in New England on Thursday, and possibly even in NY.

Snowfall Forecast