Tips up! Possibly up to 10" more left to come in some spots by Sunday morning. 📷 Sugarloaf

Weekend Outlook: Sat-Sun 4/5-6

There isn't a whole hell of a lot to cover that hasn't already been covered. It's still snowing and it will through Sunday morning and I'm going to dive into some of the nuance surrounding the weekend. Primarily I'm forecasting deep pow, tons of open terrain, disbelief when looking at the date, and wide smiles all over. Let's start off with the Operating Status Tracker for the weekend.

Gunstock and Pleasant Mountain both had their power restored today and will operate this weekend! Not shown on this map are Lost Valley in Maine who also plans to operate however they do not have power at this moment and expect it to be restored before tomorrow. King Pine in New Hampshire will be hosting the Wild Corn Festival from Granite Backcountry Alliance (powered only by your own low speed quads of course).

We are seeing some surprise openings with both Catamount and Berkshire East coming back with $25 tickets for those with a pass to another mountain or who are accompanied by a passholder. Cranmore also announced a surprise opening with $49 lift tickets. We are seeing some ski areas expand operations for the weekend including Pico who has added back their Outpost pod, Killington is opening South Ridge, and Stratton opened the Sun Bowl again. There may be others who light some terrain back up!

I'll cover the Snowfall Outlook for the weekend, and it will still be snowing through Sunday morning (our forecast was through 8AM on Sunday). I'll also cover the Temperature Outlook with some notes about sticky snow potential.

NO WIND HOLDS EXPECTED: So many people have asked for a wind hold forecast for Friday through Sunday. Prior storm updates indicated no notable risk from these days. It will be breezy, and it is possible that a lift might be held here or there, but nothing notable is expected. Sugarloaf likely loses Timberline, but I don't even think Skyline is at risk there, or the Flyer at Jay, though there's a 25% chance for each and that's not worthy of a forecast map.

Snowfall Outlook