We're welcoming back spring for a 2nd time this season, but this time it is for real! 📷 Belleayre

The Week Ahead: Wed-Mon 4/10-15

Well folks, winter weather certainly made quite the comeback but spring has now sprung. 'False Spring' came a little early and then '3rd Winter' lasted a little longer than usual so the transition is going to feel a little abrupt, but it's all good because it's tailgating and tutu season now and once we see folks widely celebrating the hardcore among us will feel the stoke again.

This coming weekend we will have 22 ski areas open (weather dependent for some), but during the week I believe there are 17 operating until ORDA comes back online on Friday, and then Saturday Sutton and Owl's Head in the Eastern Townships may join in for the weekend. The following week we will likely be down to just 8 to 10 in the Northeast, and on the last weekend of April we're looking at 5 or 6. Here's who is either operating every day or at least planning on opening this weekend. This is a solid showing for mid-April!

We have 3 different systems that may affect ski areas Wednesday through Monday, but only one of them seems extra notable at this time. Here's the GFS covering all day Wednesday through Monday with 6-hour precipitation intensity, but note that the lightest shade is likely only scattered showers. There is in fact potential of some notable snow this weekend, but temperatures are quite borderline and this may be more of a back-end event.

I'll cover Wednesday through Sunday individually in the Daily Outlooks with information on temperatures, precipitation, and wind where it may be notable. I will also start with a note about sticky snow as that will likely be an issue at least through Friday.

Daily Outlooks