They had to dig out their sign at Wildcat last week following an epic 4 week cycle that of snow. 📷 Wildcat

The Week Ahead: Wed-Mon 4/17-22

SNOWOLOGY isn't done for the season, but we are trimming back a bit on our weather coverage. We will cover the weather at least through May 5th this season when remaining operations are no longer 7 days a week at open ski areas.

If you are a subscriber and don't want to receive Weather or News updates by email until next season you can unsubscribe from the newsletters on our site under your Account Settings. We will reset everyone automatically to turn the newsletters back on in October when we start to ramp back up into the next season.

And then there were 9. That's a very strong showing actually for late April, and generally also a strong showing for the amount of terrain available after 4 weeks of snowstorms. Yeah the weather last week wiped out a lot of the natural snow and it's only holding on in the northern areas and this might be about the last week for much of what is left, but we're doing pretty well in the Northeast for this time of year. Here's who is projected to be open at least for this next weekend.

Not every listed ski area will be operating weekdays, and this will be the last weekend for Gore, Mount Snow, Stowe, and Wildcat. Only Gore is somewhat tentative, but the weather may be chilly enough for them to pull it. While I don't expect everyone to keep skiing going until the last drop of snirt melts between the patches, those that do keep going for the hardcore certainly deserve our appreciation. Thank you!

The weather this week isn't super eventful. There will be a little rain, a little bit of snow, a little wind, and we will see some seasonably chilly temps this week to help preserve the snow. Here's the GFS showing 6-hour precipitation intensity from Wednesday through Monday.

I'm going to cover the Precipitation Outlook, the Temperature Outlook, and the Wind Outlook for our subscribers to help them plan their outings, and this information will also be somewhat useful for non-skiing and riding activities despite our focus.

Precipitation Outlook