Lots and lots of snow left at Killington. Spring skiing is in many ways the best part of the season! 📷 Killington

Weekend Outlook: Sat-Sun 4/20-21

Really not much has changed since the Week Ahead Outlook that was issued earlier this week so I'm just going to provide a brief update on the weather. Sunday will widely be the better of the two days, but as far as spring skiing goes both will be just fine and things should be dry by the start of the day on Saturday.

I also want to discuss two notable changes to operating plans that have popped up. Sugarbush will operate Monday and Tuesday instead of shutting down operations on weekdays this coming week, but they are expecting rain on Wednesday and Thursday and will close those days. Killington also announced that this will be the last week for operations outside of Skye Peak (the Superstar pod). This seems to be a little premature and they have been making little trims all season long in relation to business goals. It is possible that they bring back Snowdon and K-1 the following weekend but it is abnormal for them to close terrain that has top to bottom coverage. They will likely make it to June-ish regardless, but this might be the last weekend for all other terrain outside of what you can get to from the Superstar Express Quad.

Saturday Outlook