Even the grass patches at Sugarloaf love the snow.

The Week Ahead: Wed-Mon 4/24-29

And then there were 6. Killington, Jay Peak, and Sugarloaf are still operating daily, Sugarbush is operating with the exception of Wed & Thu through next weekend, Saint-Sauveur will be operating Fri-Sun, and Sunday River returns for Sat-Sun (free day).

This will be Sunday River's last weekend and likely only Killington and Sugarloaf will be open daily through May 5th while Jay Peak and Sugarbush will be closed weekdays from here on out. I'm adding in Sommet Saint-Sauveur just NW of Montreal as they will operate Fri-Sun through May 19th and finish on the 20th or possibly later if the snow holds up. As far as operations go at these 6 ski areas here's a summary of what to expect through this weekend, however some adjustments to terrain may occur and you should always verify from the snow reports:

Killington: 1 Lift, 16 Trails, 59 Acres, $82-$88 Lift Tickets (K-1 added Sat-Sun)
Sugarbush: 1 Lift 14 Trails, 72 Acres, $119-$129 Lift Tickets
Jay Peak: 7 Lifts, 31 Trails, Unknown Acres, $99 Lift Tickets
Sunday River: 1 Lift, 17 Trails, 134 Acres Open, $0-$59 Lift Tickets (Sunday is free)
Sugarloaf: 2 Lifts, 108 Trails, 540 Acres, $41-$58 Lift Tickets
Sommet Saint-Sauveur: 1 Lift, ? Trails, ? Acres Open, $35 Lift Tickets

Sugarloaf is clearly the place to be and the Longfellows keep their snow the best in the spring along with some extra help from the snowmakers. Smoother conditions will exist at open with choppy conditions evolving over the day. Crayoning some wax on your dry bases is still recommended at places like Jay and Sugarloaf where the extra natural snow and its finer granular mixed into the snowpack can get a little slow in the afternoons when temperatures rise.

I'll cover the two precipitation events and the temperatures through Monday in the Weather Outlook below for subscribers.

Weather Outlook