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Weekend Outlook: Fri-Sun 5/3-5

Believe it or not there are 5 weekends left of skiing and riding in the East, though there are just 5 ski areas open between the Northeast and Quebec and after this weekend we'll be down to 3 ski areas operating either Fri-Sun or just Sat-Sun.

This is the 175th weather update that we have sent out this season, and this is also the last Weekend Outlook and the last regular weather post for the season that we will publish. While I know there are many subscribers who will keep going until you are gapping grass and mud on your way down, I do want to avoid unnecessarily bothering those who have long since packed up their gear with our newsletters, and this is also why activity has also slowed progressively as the season winds down. I'll discuss our plans for development in a future update to subscribers as we do intend to start rolling out deterministic weather coverage for all ski areas over the off-season, though this won't happen before June.

We have two beautiful days ahead of us with the only minus being some persistent clouds, but Sunday I'm afraid will likely bring some rain to all open ski areas. It doesn't look like a total washout and I'll send an Alert out probably Saturday to help refine the timing and scope of the rain for Sunday. Let's take a look at the broad view from the ECMWF using 6-hour precipitation intensity covering all of Friday through Sunday.

I'm going to first cover What's Open? with some additional details about operations at each. I will then walk through Friday's Weather, Saturday's Weather, and Sunday's Weather with a focus on temperatures and details on the rain coming on Sunday.

What's Open?