Catamount is having their first annual Thirsty Cat Festival this weekend.

Weekend Outlook - July 22-23

We're finally going to have a weekend worth looking forward to with near perfect weather over most of the region!


We of course have more r– n coming in the western reaches of the Northeast on Thursday night associated with a cold front trailing a weak low that will move up through the Great Lakes, across Ontario and into Quebec which will result in another flare up on Friday producing possibly some strong boomers and scattered showers. This should almost entirely clear out however by Saturday morning.

Saturday there will be some spotty light rain in the far northern reaches and in Quebec, but this should not ruin many days. It should generally be partly to mostly cloudy on Saturday across the region as we start to dry behind the front. Sunday the system continues to move to the northeast across Quebec and that means more clearing with primarily clear to partly cloudy skies during the daytime and only some light scattered showers north of the St. Laurence in Quebec. The drying trend will continue and except for the coasts humidity should be quite pleasant for a change.


As far as temperatures go, Mother Nature is going to get a gold star for this mid-summer weekend to go along with the improving humidity. Overnight lows should reach the mid to upper 50's on Saturday morning in mountainous areas with highs reaching the the 70's. Sunday morning may in fact be a bit chilly for this time of year as skies clear, but this also means the daytime will also become slightly warmer, but with lower humidity it should feel the same or cooler than Saturday in the shade. Remember of course that if you are out hiking or biking in the woods, trails will be a bit damp in many places due to all of the rain we have received in the last few weeks.

What's Going On This Weekend?

Our feature image comes from Catamount's Thirsty Cat Festival which is a beer, cider, and wine festival with a full lineup of bands and other activities. This is a kid-friendly event outside of the alcohol of course. This is their first such festival and one of the first such festivals at ski areas in the Northeast this off-season.

When traveling to some of the areas hit by flooding in the last couple of weeks, please be cognizant of the challenges they are facing. Parts of the Adirondacks, Greens, and Whites still have roads and bridges that were washed out, with the heaviest damage along the center of Vermont starting from around Ludlow to the NEK. It is a good idea to stay on the main roads when driving through these flood impacted areas except for detours, and in many areas the cleanup is still ongoing with rebuilding still to come. This means that some things will be closed this weekend, especially in the valleys near the rivers. It is best to steer clear of the more heavily impacted areas for the time being unless you wish to volunteer. There are many efforts underway and searching by town should help identify opportunities to help if you would like to lend a hand.